Need to learn Crystal Reports 2016, but can't find a book
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Need to learn Power BI Desktop, but can't find a book to learn how to use the software?

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They Are Finally Here - Power BI Tools Books

We are excited to announce that 5 volumes of this series are available.

Volume 1: Power Query, Power View And Power Map Made Easy For Excel 2013 - Covers loading, cleaning for analysis and reporting needs. Creating chart and map visualizations are also covered.

Volume 2: Power Pivot For Excel Made Easy - This book will show you have to use some Power Pivot to take your pivot tables and pivot charts to the next level.

Volume 3: Power Query, Power View And Power Map Made Easy For Excel 2016 - This is the update book to Volume 1 to include the new features available in Excel 2016.

Volume 4: Power Query And Power Pivot Made Easy covers the 2 most popular tools in the Power BI Suite for Excel. This book is based on Excel 2016.

Volume 5: Power BI Desktop Made Easy covers the free stand alone version of Power Query, Power PIvot, Power View and Power Map, all in one interface.

Other Recent Titles Include:

Learning SAP Crystal Reports 2016 Made Easy is an update to our popular Crystal Reports series, that covers the latest version.

If you have been looking for computer books or training manuals that are easy to understand and have step-by-step, illustrated instructions that show you how to better utilize the features of a software package, this is the series of books for you.

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